Pokemon GO Best Trainer

Download And Play Pokemon GO: Become The Best Pokemon Trainer


Did you ever dream of becoming a Pokemon master? Exploring the world, catching different types of Pokemon, training them, and then battling other Pokemon trainers as well? Well, you don’t have to dream anymore since Pokemon GO is going to turn it into a reality. It’s an adventure game where it lets you live your dream of becoming a Pokemon master.

The game turned the world into a Pokemon lair. Using the app’s map-like appearance, you will see if there are Pokemon near your area. The beauty of this game is that you will literally have to go on an adventure if you want to catch all the Pokemon since they will all be located in different parts of the world. It’s a fun game where traveling and going to different places becomes more exciting and entertaining. Here are some more features this game offers


Travel to Different Places to Catch All the Pokemon in the Game

The main feature of Pokemon GO is that will allow you to interact with the world around you in a unique and different way. Your previously boring trip to the supermarket can become an epic adventure since you might encounter different Pokemons that are not yet part of your collection. Visiting a relative, especially those who live in a different area, will also be more fun because of the possible new Pokemon that you will encounter and capture there.

And the more locations you visit, the faster it will be for you to capture all the Pokemon and complete your collection. Now the simple and usually uneventful trip or errand becomes more fun and exciting. The game has made traveling or even just walking around the neighborhood a real adventure.


You Can Interact with Your Pokemon In Real Life Settings

Using Augmented Reality, Pokemon GO can also allow you to interact with the Pokemon that you captured in a real-life environment. With your smartphone device’s camera, you can make your Pokemon appear as part of the environment appearing on your camera. You just need a flat surface where your Pokemon can stand. Just take a look at the example of the image below.

This is your way of playing and giving your companion Pokemon a treat. As long as there’s a flat surface in the area, you can easily interact with your Pokemon without any problems.


Have Epic Battles with Gym Masters

Another feature of Pokemon GO is that you can have epic battles with Gym masters. There are many areas in the world that are designated as a Gym. For example, a big mall or establishment in your area can be designate as the Gym. Each one of them will have Gym masters, which are also the player themselves. You just need to defeat their Pokemon and you will be crowned as the Gym master of that particular Gym.

This is easier said than done, though, as it won’t really be easy to defeat a Gym master. You will need powerful Pokemons to take down your enemy.