PUBG Mobile Discover New Map

Discover The PUBG Mobile New Map: Livik


One of the best multiplayer battle royal shooting game, Player’sUnknown Battlegrounds, or more commonly known as PUBG, is now available to mobile devices. PUBG Mobile – New Map: Livik is the official mobile version of the popular PUBG game. It has the same gameplay of the original game, making it equally fun and entertaining for mobile users. It has the same classic server game where you and 99 other people would go to a remote island and try to become the sole survivor.

And just like the original, you start the game with only your fists. You will have to scour the island for weapons, clothes, and gear you can use to survive and fight. You can choose to play the classic as a solo player, with a partner, or as part of a 4-player team. But that’s not the only thing that the mobile version has to offer. There are many more features that the game has available for you to enjoy.


PUBG Mobile Lobby


Huge Battle Maps

Like the original game, PUBG Mobile also features huge battle maps that will vary in size, terrain, day/night cycle, and weather patterns. There’s the popular Erangel map, the Miramar, Vikendi, and even Sanhok. Each map will offer various locations for you to loot for gear and items. Mastering the map will be a big key to increasing your chances of winning the game. But aside from these 4 locations, the developers also introduced a new map, Livik.

The Livik map is a smaller map compared to the other 4, which means there will be fewer players, and matches will be faster. It also features new weapons and vehicles for you to use in the game. The map is only in Beta version, so there will still be some bugs.


PUBG Mobile Livik Map


Many Game Servers To Join

Aside from the classic server, PUBG Mobile also offers other servers for you to play. Each server also offers various game modes, giving you options on what you can play in the game. There’s the Arcade server where you can play Quick Match, War, or Sniper Training. There is also the EVOGround Server, which is divided into 2 categories, Arena and PlayLab.

Arena is where you can play game modes like Gun Games, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Assault. PlayLab is the category where you can play RageGear – TDM and Payload. Each game mode offers a unique variation of the classic battle royal gameplay, adding more excitement to the game.


PUBG Mobile is Available For Free

But probably the best feature of this multiplayer battle royal game is that it is free to download and play. Unlike the original PUBG, where you have to purchase the game, PUBG Mobile is available for free. This is why there are more people playing this game than the original one since there is no barrier to entry. Not everyone is willing to spend money on a game, so offering the mobile version for free was a good move to attract more players.